5 minute toilet performance
from 1 to 2 spectators at  a time, in loop for 4 hours
Giuseppe L. Bonifati
Now- more than ever, as an artist, I feel the need to fail and to fall into crisis. The spectator/voyeur (spying or not) is the one, who allows my awareness to gain altitude. The last journey from Central America to Northern Europe gave me further confirmation: people want to be approached, touched and  manipulated- almost like in bioenergetic’s practice. So I make the spectators sit- one or more at a time, depending on my wishes and desires. Then I take off the ceremony dress. But suddenly-  I am assailed by a thought:  ”Where’s the bathroom!?”
I calm down. This time I got locked inside
Pss Pss … ivetotellyousomething … I’m the other side of the coin! The one behind-whole and flat, I’m the mask and the anti-mask of beauty. I’m Axl Rose and Shakira together, I’m a kerosene wick!  But… I’m moved by the cat of Hello Kitty …
The crisis is to show how we’re really inside- as artists. With all ours fragilities.
Awareness is perhaps the very fact of being observed or perceived. As such.

EL TIEMPO - Venezuela

(Manuela Vacca L’Unione Sarda)
A little further back in the dressing room of a luxury clothing store, Giuseppe L. Bonifati kidnaps one up to four viewers at a time, for the performance ivetotellusomething.” In essence, a fascinating and ever-changing trip.
(Enrico Pau – Nuova Sardegna)
Giuseppe L. Bonifati brings his spectators inside a bathroom, a small temple of a sensual Hello Kitty that forces to the dance, in his pink panties. He brings the spectator into a sensual kitsch that is reflected in the music and through the actor’s voice conveys a visionary and imaginative south from town fair, fairground of other times, the fat lady cave, a place of damnation and salvation. In what it remains of the aesthetics,  as Pasolini said,shadow of the past” , the place of memory.

(Kristian Husten – Politiken. Ibyen, Denmark)

Crisis Is Good. The chosen performance groups this year at QuongaFest are apparently preoccupied, in different ways, about the present time crisis (…) Only one artist, the italian Giuseppe L. Bonifati, thematises the crisis directly. His toiletperformance „ivesomethingtotellyou“ deals fairy simply about the importance of failing and being in crisis.  Bonifati also comes from Italy- that seems to have reached the ground well and profoundly.
(Af Louis Bull Nivang – Jyllands Posten, Denmark)
This year Quonga Fest, which ended yesterday, gave a particular theater program bringing people into a
toilet. The man with the idea of ​​this unconventional stage space is the Italian Giuseppe Bonifati. The performer is currently associated with Odin Teatret in Holstebro. (…) In performances of 5 minutes he invited the audience into the toilet for a short and intimate performance that has break down the traditional boundaries between audience and actor.
(Sara Porskrog – Over )
The queue for the toilet was long and the show popular (…) But in a split second I saw one of audiences were torn into the toilet of a funny guy in a pink tricot. And later I met different people who said that “the performance changed their lives”.

Aaben Stage Godsbanen – Aarhus, Denmark
ART MARKET BUDAPEST – Millenaris Park, Budapest
Casa del Artista – Ministry of Culture – Caracas, Venezuela
FITO _ Festival Internacional Teatro de Oriente – Barcelona de A., Venezuela
Art PLACC Festival – Tihany, Hungary
MUSZI – Budapest, Hungary
4PLAY LOUNGE Striptease Club – Budapest, Hungary
AQB – Art Quarter Budapest – Budapest, Hungary
Nikolaj Kunst Hal Museum – Copenaghen, Denmark
QuongaFest – Aarhus, Denmark
Festival della Creatività 2013 – MACRO, Rome Italy
Ex-Pop Teatro Festival 2.0 – Cagliari, Italy
Festuge – Odin Teatret Nordisk Teaterlaoratorium – Holstebro, Denmark

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