the artist, the man, his visions


Alberto M. Guinaldo, actor,
Raquel Subirana, E – aerial artist
and the dancers of Balletskolen Holstebro, DK
dramaturgy and director
Giuseppe L. Bonifati, IT
Kristóf Várnagy, HU
piano and music
Claudio Passilongo, IT
Karin Sjöholm, S
media art
Four 55 ltd, UK
video, photo and graphic production
Linda Sugataghy, HU
a partnership
DOO performing arts group (IT) / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium / Holstebro Kommune Kulturperlen with Balletskolen Holstebro / Marens Venne-Laug (DK)
with the support of
William Demant Fonden / Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond


A journey in the imaginary world of the eminent artist Alberto Giacometti through a total theatre show with music, dance and video, exploring the connection of the artist and the man with the eternal and earthly art. His sculptures, whether in their original plaster or final bronze forms, occupy a liminal space between life and death. This coexistence of distance and proximity demands our respect and forces us to confront our own fears and sympathies, as the sculpture Woman on Cart did for all these years, simply by standing among the citizens in the town of Holstebro.
Maren became a symbol of the cultural blossoming and of the city as such. How can we bring her to life after 50 years? To find this out, we will awake the Artist’s figure and confront both of them with the new generations. The show will transform the visions of the past, striving to inspire the talents of the future.


World premiere: 11 june 2020: Holstebro Festuge – Friluftsscenen i Lystanlægget