Because of the restrictions taken to fight the Coronavirus, we had to postpone the premiere of ALBERTO show in June 2021. The show is originally inspired by the relationship of the sculpture Maren – Woman on Cart, symbol of the cultural flourishing of Holstebro, with its creator – the famous Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti. On Tuesday 14th April, instead of the announced press conference, we moved a giant statue of Maren (inspired by the harmony of nature) from the Old Town Hall to the outdoor scene at Lystanlægget. The actor Alberto, who embodies the artist Alberto, pushed the statue through the streets of Holstebro like a modern Sisyphus, as a metaphor for the persistent struggle of the individual against the essential absurdity of life.
The Italian artist Giuseppe L. Bonifati came up with another idea to end an artistic cycle about Maren and its creator. While we waited for art and culture to open again, between June 1-7 2020 each evening at h. 21.00 he sung the main theme of the show in a special program dedicated to the city of Holstebro called From seven to one. On seven evenings, while Maren returned to her bedroom, there was a live voice resonating at the Old Town Hall square.
The song’s title is Alberto, which is an original text Bonifati wrote, while the Italian Maestro Claudio Passilongo has composed and performed the music. The text is an imaginary love dialogue between Maren and Alberto Giacometti. The serenades took place in seven different points of the square to analyse the concept of distance during these hard times.
It is a concept that these days could be called Art Quarantine, son of our present times. The goal is to reflect together on the concept of distance and proximity in a community that is just waiting to be re-found.